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Marketing, advertising, and planning solutions

Event Consulting

We provide customized event consulting services to help you lay the foundation of your event in the most considerate manner. However, our involvement is tailor-made as per your requirement and we ensure the best of results with improved efficiency. From reviving the timeline to streamlining the budget, we take care of every element falling under event consulting.

Event Applications & Permits

Event applications and permits are valuable paperwork exchanged amongst various councils, government authorities, stakeholders, and corporate bodies. With our experience and expertise along with a calm attitude towards all the challenges that come across, we overtake all the stress and tediousness of the required paperwork to attain the required license.

Supplier Management

We offer a complete range of supplier management solutions to all our clients integrated with new age information technology. We work in collaboration to reduce operating costs, increase customer engagement, improve product quality, strengthen the reach of supplier, and give a boost to business operations while streamlining respective functionalities.

Event Equipment Hire

Standing tall in the market, we provide a range of event equipment on hire that is however subject to availability. The list includes tables, chairs, signage, archways, digital clocks, audio-visual equipments, and many similar items essential for conducting events and exhibitions.

Budget Management

Budget preparation and management is a fundamentally essential part of an event. The preparation of a budget is an essential part of event management. We do all the predictions based on a reasonable budget for a specific event and ensure that all the expenditure regarding your event incurs based on the predicted and proposed budget plan.

Event Safety & Risk

MAPS behold the best of qualified professionals always on toes to take care of all safety measures required during an event, festival, or any other celebration. They are well experienced and trained to handle all associated risks and ensure that the event is completed with utmost safety and security of all guests.

Event Marketing & Sponsorship

Let us help create and introduce new ideas when it comes for marketing and sponsorship strategies. From spreading awareness to extending support, from designing innovative marketing plans to distributing marketing materials, from encouraging innovative measures to increase customer involvement, we take care of all with precision and perfection.

Media & PR

We strive to create a communication channel between your organization and your targeted customers in a way to build your credibility and strengthen business relationship through the power of media. To ensure an effective way to media & PR we undergo a deep analysis of your organization and then extract meaningful pieces of communication while transforming them into marketing materials.

Event Digital Channels

We work to intelligently design and create digital plans with the most cost-effective and highly targeted solutions to make an easy reach to your customers. We cover all aspects of digital marketing including websites, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphics, and video marketing exclusively customized keeping in mind your event goals and budget.

Participation & Registration Systems

MAPS with a strong understanding of the event management industry dramatically reduces your workload by managing all the elements of participation and registrations including updates, communications, general queries, attendee registrations, and confirmations during an event or exhibition.

Volunteer Management

We at MAPS take care of every facet of volunteer management, from selection to training, and from supervision to engagement with a view to maximize reach, engagement, and value of your meeting or event. At every stage of the event, we ensure to make the most of voluntary management and ensure that everything from start to finish decipher in the most rewarding manner.

Exhibition Services

We make the best use of your content, knowledge, and understanding of the business operations to design an event or exhibition that is most relevant and innovative. To do this, the entire team at MAPS infuse the best of their expertise extracted from the most stimulated minds in a way to provide all viable reasons for your attendees to stay persistent and keep returning every time you organize an exhibition.

Venue Sourcing

When it comes to celebration or planning an event, venue sourcing is the key element. From searching, exploring, and discovering various venues to inspection, negotiation, and booking of the selected site, we extend our advice and support in all possible ways.

CSR Activities

MAPS strive to leave its legacy behind at every milestone achieved with a positive impact on the environment, community, consumers, and stakeholders. In an initiative to do so, we integrate various CSR activities with high spirit and ethical standards into our event management programs.

Event Theming, Signage & Branding

With our highly creative and innovative design team, we display our artistry in a continuum of branding services like themes, banners, stage signs, and flags. We use an infusion of brilliant combination of signs, symbols, colours, and design elements attuned to the logo of your business and theme of your event.

Event Merchandise

We take pride in supplying exceptional quality products for various events, promotions, and exhibitions. As a reputed provider of event merchandise, we make sure to offer an incredible customer experience and raise your brand perception through our choice of takeaways and gifts falling within your budget and timeframe.